First things first

I made breakfast on a workday for the first time in --- well, let's just say that if we don't count coffee-making, we might have to hearken back to adolescent days to find the previous occasion. It was a simple breakfast --- bread with strawberry jam --- and it was definitely very strange to be eating it at home, before leaving for work.

I don't think this is the start of a trend or anything. Besides, we've only got two or three slices of bread left.

Also, after a two-month hiatus (though admittedly most of one month was spent on vacation --- was it just two months ago?), I've turned some of my mailing list groups back on. Not all of them, mind, just the few that I was starting to miss: sg_daily and singaporemedia, for instance. Gotta get the non-Straits Times version of the news somewhere.


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