Mid-career crisis

Most days, I potter through my job without thinking too hard about the implications of what I do and whether I should be able to sleep peacefully at night. I don't think about the Establishment, or how it's propped up, or whether I do a wee bit of propping without thinking about it. I don't think about why my job exists at all.

And then other days, days like today, I find myself part of a conversation about the government and the people, one institution's version of reality versus the many-voiced rabble whose stories that never make it onto the nightly news.

And then I wonder at this strange creature we call Society and whether there's any way that it could be a little less distressing, and suddenly all jobs of the past and present seem chillingly bleak. The current situation seems especially dire; I think I might've lost my soul somewhere along the way.

I suppose Neil prompted this train of thought because he asked me last night if I honestly like what I do. I've been at it for over two years now. I still don't know.


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