To Do

|+| Change money into US dollars.
|+| Borrow travel adaptor from friend.
|+| Keep fingers crossed that Hanoi guide will confirm some arrangements by today, failing which tomorrow night's arrival in Hanoi should be very interesting indeed.
|+| Do laundry.
|+| Iron laundry.
|+| Pack.
|+| Eat remaining strawberries so that they don't populate the fridge with their own offspring while we're away.
|+| Throw out the week-old flowers from my cousin's wedding.
|+| Get gift(s) for nice Vietnamese people who invited us to their home for Tet.
|+| Cut fingernails to a more appropriate length for upcoming travels.
|+| Recommend a Buffy episode to Sprite for teaching young people about, uh, young people.
|+| Call parentals.

I'm sure I've forgotten stuff.

Okay, less with the blogging, more with the doing.


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