Of teh tarik* and toast

In the morning, there was roti prata brunch at Casuarina Curry, which got rave reviews from old Northwestern friends (and new friend! aka sister of old Northwestern friend). Plenty of too-sweet teh tarik was had, and plenty of culinary adventures planned for Singapore and Hong Kong.

In the afternoon, there was panicking over tonight's wedding toast, which I tried to dull by surfing the web for Hanoi travel tips instead. I now have two versions of the toast: the slightly longer one, with vague references to what fine people the bride and groom are, but short on detail because (alas) I don't know them as well as I should; and the short-and-sharp version, i.e. sincere good wishes in thirty words or less.

The version I use (if any) depends on how other people react to my drafts, and also whether I in fact need to lead the toast or can let the father of the bride do it. (Oh please, let the father be doing it...)

The sad thing is that I can write speeches for a living and scribble out a speech decent enough to please the masses in half a day, but I've pondered this wedding toast for several days now, and even at this eleventh hour, my creativity fails me.

Oh, right --- that's because this wedding toast actually matters. Ha!

* See December 24, 2002 post if you need a definition.


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