It's 5:25 pm on a Saturday and I'M AT WORK.

I kiddeth you not.

On the bright side, as of next Monday, I take off on three weeks' leave. So, the silver lining is very sparkly and bright from where I'm sitting right now.

Technically, I could leave already. However, I've been here so long that it's:
a) Too late to go meet Sprite to go shopping;
b) Too late to go hang out with Sterrah before she flits back to NYC tonight (mostly because she sounds a little madcap after stuffing 6,000 Chinese New Year cookies into her luggage, and probably needs the quiet time with her folks);
c) Too late to make it to Muji to buy the toiletries pouch I'm craving, and then over to the parentals' for dinner.

See, I had plans. I have a life. But the work gets in the way, and the next thing you know the system you need to login to, to finish your work before the vacation, has decided not to recognise your password at all, even though the same password was working all day --- and just like that, you can't do your work anymore. Ah, the beauty of technology.

Anyhow, I'll stay here and keep my colleague company for as long as I can, lest she suffer alone. (She's waiting for someone to clear something so that she can send the cleared document to someone else ... oh, never mind.)

Hey, she's done! We're outta here!


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