Dreaming of tomorrow

Like most people, I suspect I spent most of 2 January typing '2003', then backspacing over it and replacing it with '2004'. Or, for that matter, typing '2004' when I really mean '2003'.

After investing the last 1½ hours checking out Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Forums for travel advice to Hanoi and its environs, I've learned that one should avoid Prince Hotel at all costs and try Salute Hotel because unlike most budget accommodations, it doesn't have a tour agency parked in its lobby. Hiking in the Sapa highlands also sounds like it'll be a blast, especially since we're travelling during winter rather than in the fierce heat of summer.

Er... just read a contrary viewpoint of Sapa, describing it as too touristy and overdeveloped. Hrm. However, Handspan cruises on Halong Bay sound like a lovely indulgence...

I suspect this trip is going to cost me a lot more than I'd planned.


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