Counting off

No. of days since I was in the office: 4.
No. of work assignments awaiting me upon my return to the office tomorrow: Unimaginable. (The horror!)

No. of dresses I bought today, ostensibly for my cousin's wedding dinner next weekend: 1.
No. of dresses I've bought this year, ostensibly for one cousin's wedding or another: 4.
No. of dresses I'll be buying for any reason next year: 0 (I promise!!).

No. of honey-baked ham sandwiches eaten today: .
No. of slices of ham left in the fridge: At least 6.

No. of ex-students I ran into while in town: 1 (plus her mother).
No. of ex-students studying overseas who seem to be home for the holidays (based on web sources and hearsay): Too many. (It's depressing, you know. Makes me nostalgic for my own fleeting time overseas.)
No. of ex-students I know of counting down the days till the end of their National Service: At least 3.

No. of days left this year: 3. Yikes!!


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