New year, first working day

Today's the first day of the new school year, and I oveslept by an hour. Fortunately, I'm not teaching this year, or it'd be a little embarrasing to slink in to school, late on the first day.

Back when I was teaching, I never overslept on the first day. I'd spend the entire night before too wired with possibilities to sleep: how I would set the tone with a new class; or, if I was teaching the same classes as the year before, how I'd cope with all the new topics and literature texts I'd have to teach; or how things might change in school this year with a new Principal/Vice-Principal; or whether I actually knew what the hell I was doing each time I walked into a classroom.

T, on the other hand, would have no trouble sleeping through the night, totally nonchalant (or, in later years, disgruntled) about the new school year to be bothered about it.

Today, T gets to sleep in and I get to go to work. Welcome to the year of living on a single income!


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