An Xmas good morning

While I did not faint at X's Xmas party last night, I did have 3½ glasses of a 2001 Bordeaux that no doubt caused me to wake up sharply this morning at 7:30 am, after only about five hours of sleep. I I tossed fitfully for a couple more hours, then gave up around 10ish. I hope I can squeeze in time for an afternoon nap today.

T just rustled himself out of bed. He has to start cooking soon, lest either we'll not have pasta at the family Xmas lunch or we'll be dreadfully late for said lunch. (And my mom is a stickler for punctuality.) Meanwhile, I'll wrap the presents for the gift exchange.

In closing, I leave you with a (serious) article on whether we can make do with less, buoyed by less ponderous thoughts from the latest entries of two blogs I regularly read:

From Le Monde Diplomatique: "The world downscaled --- would the West [and Singapore] actually be happier with less?"

From Dr Scott of Medea Sin: Baby laughing is the happiest music.

And from Covielle, one of the most creative writers I know: Enjoy the season of light returned to earth.

Merry Christmas,
a belated Happy Festivus
And Happy Holidays to one and all!


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