Poor Boxing Day

It just never has the chance to be as anticipated and fun-filled as Xmas, you know? I mean, most people have hit their quota of carols, turkey, gifts, alcohol and goodwill-to-men by the time Xmas night is over. What chance does Boxing Day have, except to give people a chance to recover from Xmas before they return to work? (And then, only in the UK since most countries, including Singapore, don't even pay Boxing Day the respect of being a public holiday.)

On the other hand, that also means it's pretty hard for Boxing Day to be a letdown --- whereas, we humans being insatiable, rabid creatures, Xmas, like one's birthday, always runs the risk of enjoying too much buildup and therefore rarely meets the anticipated high.

Having said that, my Boxing Day was a comfortable, indolent middle-ground to walk between Xmas and the many festivities we have lined up tomorrow. I stayed in my sleeping clothes all day, a triumph in itself since I honestly can't remember the last time I did that. I painted my nails for tomorrow's festivities while watching the cast commentary on the first two extended LotR movies, the only downside being that I realised I had no nail polish of reddish hues left, only variations on an earthy theme, none of which are quite as festive as I'd like for the next week or so. Lunch was, predictably, leftovers from Xmas lunch yesterday, and I haven't had dinner yet because I'm, duh, not hungry, and I don't think I really need to eat since lying on the couch, soaking my feet, painting my nails and staring at the TV set for almost seven hours straight didn't really expend all that much energy.

Having typed that, I now have a hankering for a honey-baked ham sandwich...

Last night, we discovered that the LotR Trivia Pursuit set is really an excellent game with the One Ring and Ringwraith in play. We only let the G-man win at the end because it was 2 am and we all needed to get some sleep. The million-dollar question: "Which one of the Fellowship trackers first enters Fangorn Forest?" It's not as easy as it looks.

Off to get my sandwich!

Edited to add:
After watching several hours of LotR, to switch to Alias means that you spend most of the episode puzzling over whether Jennifer Garner is an Elf (I mean, look at those ears), despite her black suits, especially since it was one of those episodes where she speaks relatively slowly and laconically, and doesn't do any kick-ass fighting at all.


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