Revisiting The Breakfast Club

T and I just watched the ER episode, "Secrets and Lies", which I heartily dub The Breakfast Club episode of ER, with less vandalism. It really made me cackle. Loved:
a) The sex-ay men (i.e. Carter and Kovac) fencing;
b) Kovac's nonchalant admission that Abby's sleeping on his couch;
c) Susan over-sharing on Carter's jealousy;
d) The "Who was youngest when they lost their virginity" contest --- even though I knew it was gonna end on a downer when it was Kovac's turn.
e) The complete lack of Mark Greene in the episode.

Best of all: Carter and Susan break up, so that Carter can go for Abby. Woo!

I totally need to watch it again. ER's mostly crappy, but it's like an old storybook that you can't help reading and rereading even when you know exactly how the plot will turn out. It's familiar, warm and cosy --- like an old blanket.


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