So I was going to blog today, just a short one, about how there's this person I've recently started working with whom I know has an Interesting Past (at least, one more interesting than the average Singaporean's), but I don't know what that past is, and partly my curiosity is killing me --- but that on the other hand, for that person to tell me about that Past would imply a greater intimacy than I really want with the person --- because this person's okay, I mean, a nice person and all that, just that somewhat not on my wavelength and not really someone I want to get to know on that personal of a level.

And then I get an SMS five minutes ago that basically reveals the Past from a third party (who used to be known as cousin Dan's wife, but she didn't want to sound like a hillbilly in my blog, so I'll call her Sprite --- the fairy, not the drink --- from a truncated version of her email address). Sprite works with someone who's part of my colleague's Past.

So now I'm:
a) relieved that the Past has been revealed without any unseemly intimacy (and my guess was right);
b) wondering how/if I need to cover up the fact that I know of the Past;
c) amazed at my ability to write in convoluted sentences about people with no names (except Sprite) and wondering if I'm reading my friend Astella's blog too often.

Oh, and I really should be working, but my nose is sniffly and there's not that much to do. (Of course, now that I've said that, I'm going to be swamped over the next week. Just wait for it.)


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