No more nausea, but much work at work. Not sure which is worse.

Okay, nausea is worse because I can't do anything even though I'm home sick. Though there's now much work, at least I'm reading and not at all concerned that I might pass out any second.

The much work at work is to do with running around prepping our Acting Minister for various upcoming events this weekend. It's not so much absorbing as it is routine, once you've got the SOPs down. I just want it to be over so I don't have to creep around on tenterhooks wondering if I've overlooked something.

("Creep around on tenterhooks" is probably a mixed metaphor. It would help my diagnosis if I knew what a tenterhook was.)

I woke at 6 am, fully intending to run. Then I remembered that I washed by hair yesterday, so it's not due to be washed again till tomorrow. Not that I mind washing it per se, but after spending $150 on a color job, I don't want to be washing the color out twice as fast on account of jogging. So I'll run tomorrow and Sunday instead, so that the running is in sync with the hair-washing.

Yes, I'm that kind of girl.


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