I really should be getting dressed for work. But it's much more fun to type more blog posts instead.

I finally caught T on ICQ last night, for the first time since he left for India last week. What's he been up to? I quote his last SMS from yesterday: "... Anyway, it's the kids that are making it tedious. They want to shop. Where? Supermarket. For tidbits. I'll kill the next person who says he doesn't want to eat dinner."

Hee hee.

Are You Hot? was on last night, but I didn't watch more than 15 minutes of it, on account of my extreme tiredness and mild irritation with the blog-post-eating computer (see previous entry). Also, the show's not quite as fun once it gets to the studio eliminations, when there's a stupid audience in the background cheering or booing (depending on whether their taste coincides with the judges'). The camera focusing on the audience kept zooming in on the same people too. Bor-ring.

I went to bed, intending to read more of Neal Stephenson's sublimely entertaining Quicksilver, but my brain had other ideas. This is certainly no slight on the quality of Quicksilver, merely an indication of how much you ought to be awake to read it, so that you don't miss obvious things. Or even un-obvious things, seeing as the book is ONE THOUSAND PAGES and change.

I'm a little intidimidated, yes.


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