Up and at 'em

That's what we did today. Up just before 7 am. Out the door in our new running shoes just after 7 am. 1.2 km and 25 minutes later, we were home.

Not too shabby, considering that our original goal was to wake up at 6 am and when T said run, I seriously thought he was going to pull some 5 km shit on me and have me run myself literally till my legs gave way and I tumbled face-first into the ground. But he decided that we're starting with 1.2 km and we'll stick to 1.2 km till we can do it without thinking about it. Sounds like a reasonable goal to me. I'm going to try to continue with the 1.2 km while he's gone, though I suspect I might be running more in the evenings rather than in the mornings.

After the run, I had time to shower before I tagged along on a Minister Committee Visit recce (viz.: Cabinet Minister visits constituency, shakes hands, pats residents on the back, watches them go about their daily activities, except that of course almost all the activities have been lined up especially for his visit). If nothing else, I learned that I could never be a politician in Singapore because I'd fail abysmally with the Chinese ground.


I find it hard to believe that on Singapore's Brainiest Scholars tonight, the guy answering questions in the Television category knew that the name of Martin Sheen's West Wing character is Josiah, but he couldn't cough up the 'Bartlet' to go with it. Lucky for him, they gave him the point for it anyway.


At 9/29/2014 8:56 am , Blogger Pooja said...

Guess what Googled-up?

At 9/29/2014 11:14 pm , Blogger Tym said...

OMG blast from the past. This is what comes of blogging about obscure topics.


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