Happy Teachers Day

I've got the day off, which is nice. Nothing like a 3-day weekend to lift one's work-weary spirits.

What I did last Saturday

So my cousin Sam decided she would take portraits of everyone in our extended family. This involved renting a studio, obtaining the services of some makeup artists and borrowing the kinds of cameras she wanted to use. The session was pretty fun, and I proved to be the worst --- model --- ever (as I already expected to be, based on my highly self-conscious performance during my pre-wedding photo shoot).

The makeup session wasn't too bad --- quite mild and 'natural' --- but my hair was a nightmare. It's too long, so it kept flopping the wrong way and shadowing my face instead. It got to a point during the group shot that everyone would laugh when one of the makeup artists came over to fix my hair for the zillionth time.

After the session, we* had chicken rice, followed by monstrous ice cream desserts, followed by a good bit of liquor. I was, for some reason, really wiped out by the (brief) photo shoot and was practically falling asleep over my dessert and drinks. T and I called it quits after the drinks, but Sam and Cindums went out and partied till 5 am. I just got the full report from Sam over the phone about half an hour ago. We're practically the same age, but I definitely feel too old for 5 am nights.

*We being not family, but Sam, T, T's cousin and our friend Cindums.


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