Cannot make it

"Cannot make it" is a phrase used colloquially by one of my new colleagues (new, as in she just joined us this year). She uses it to describe someone or something who basically can't meet the expectations of what they're supposed to do. E.g. A person who "cannot make it" is frequently someone who's failed to deliver the duties/responsibilities of his/her job. A driver who "cannot make it" is someone who drives badly. A pen that "cannot make it" is one that doesn't write well. It's a handy term, one that we've picked up from her to use for just about anything.

Well, this morning, I could not make it.

I was going to go to work, but when the alarm went, man, did I feel wiped out. I thought about having to wake up, shower, take medication, hop on the train to work, work till 1, then hop on the train back --- and I knew I wasn't going to make it. Nevertheless, the responsible part of me got up to scan the local news headlines and do some news summaries (which is what I would've done had I gone in to work) and email them to my colleague. I also took medication, yawned a lot and now feel ready to go back to sleep again.

So, clearly, I'm recovering, but slowly. I was well enough to entertain my parents yesterday, make French toast, and watch the latest installment of Survivor. But I wasn't well enough to go out for dinner with them or to eat a real meal.

Discovery Travel's showing something about the best beaches in the world, one of which is Goa. That's a place I never thought of vacationing to before. Hmmm ...


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