Home Alone

When popping down to the provision shop (aka 'general store' in American parlance, I think) that's just next door to get milk, bread, Kleenex and toilet paper causes you to feel absolutely winded when you get home, you know that taking a second day's medical leave off work was worth it.

I'm actually just sitting here waiting for the meds to kick in. Once they do, I go from alert to asleep in what feels like fifteen seconds flat. Last night, I fell asleep to True Courage: Singapore Shootouts, about Chinese gang shootouts with the police in the 1960s (since you know, we don't have guns or anything anymore) and woke up to a news report about Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew recovering from his prostate surgery. Very surreal.

The morning's TV lineup doesn't quite offer that level of disorientation. I am making do with Rescue 911 and a National Geographic special on the extinction of the dodo.

Meanwhile, T, in India, also had a fever last night. Not as high as mine, but enough, by our doctor's standards, that if it persists over a few days despite medication, she'll test my blood for dengue. Whee! However, my temperature was 36.4 degrees C this morning --- which sounds more like the thermometer is broken, but we'll see.


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