Too much editing makes the baby go blind

I'm not blind yet. I will be, if I don't send off this email soon.

I suppose resting my eyes for 2 minutes to set the VCR for Monk and move the laundry from washer to dryer doesn't count, when I've been working steadily for over two hours. I swear, I've never copy edited so fast in my life. On the other hand, I'm feeling (a) stressed by the deadline and (b) eased along by good writing.

Now I'm stressed because Yahoo! Mail is being slow. Bah.

I had dinner with my colleague Evelyn tonight, then we went window-shopping at Raffles City.

The bad news: I am now craving a pair of Nine West shoes that costs $145. Correction: I'm actually craving two different pairs of Nine West shoes. Both are black, strappy, and with nice heels. Both would be worn less than five times a year if I bought them. Okay, one I could conceivably wear to work, but I'm unsure of the no-heel-support design.

The good news: I almost paid $65 for a cute widdle black bag, except that good sense reared its pretty little noggin in the nick of time and I realised that once I put my wallet into the widdle bag --- well, let's just say that the widdle bag is only slightly bigger than my wallet.

So much for that. I think my decision also helped Evelyn not buy the delightful blue purse she was contemplating.

I still want those shoes, though. Want want want. I am an evil consumer machine. My other excuse is that I'm engaging in (somewhat excessive) retail therapy since T is away. Either way, my bank account is not pleased. Neither is my wallet. I keep trying not to think of the money I'll make from this copy editing, since it really should go into savings and not Nine West shoes.

Upon further reflection, this entry should really be titled, "Too much window-shopping makes the silly girl go MAD".


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