And then it was June

I thought I would blog on Monday after G-man and I tramped our way to the ruins of the Japanese Occupation-era Shinto shrine at MacRitchie Reservoir. But what I didn't bank on was:
  • My lunch appointment for work ran late, so it was too late for us to start off by the time we met.
  • It was raining, so it would be extra-(tr)icky.
  • The path to the shrine is an unofficial one, not signposted or maintained by the National Parks Board, so it looked like it was a little more overgrown and potentially more obstructed by fallen vegetation than I would be able to help G-man move out of the way.
We shall return! With more guys and on an afternoon when it isn't raining. Also, I will wear full-length pants the next time.

The ruins of the Shinto shrine are something I've been meaning to see for the better part of a decade, and with London looming on the horizon (about three months to go), I thought I'd better do it soon. The other walk I've been meaning to do is the 9-kilometre Southern Ridges, which Kevin did last weekend.



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