I feel a little jetlagged

Ancient Mountain Trail

I realise there's no time difference between Singapore and Taiwan, but I felt off-kilter when I got home last Thursday and it took several days of sleeping in and not doing anything more strenuous than going out for satay or steamboat, to restore my balance. In a lot of ways the 8-day jaunt to Taiwan was a lot more demanding than the longer Lonely Planet trips I've done to Vietnam and Korea, in no small part because:
  • We hit the airport 7 times during that 8-day trip.
  • We never stayed in the same hotel or minsu (homestay) twice.
  • We spent much less time in each place than most vacationers do, so the local guides really had to squeeze in all the best sights and stops while we were there.
  • I cut my foot so I was favouring my left leg, which wore out my right leg more quickly.
None of which was Taiwan's fault, of course. It's a country with lots of warm-hearted people who were eager to show us what excited them about their respective home islands, and oh-so-forgiving of my inelegant Mandarin. I'd go back in a heartbeat.



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