Visiting Penghu was a whirlwind of beaches, old temples and volcanic rock formations. There were two rocky areas I decided not to hazard, given that my foot's still recovering, but generally I'm relieved that my movements haven't been much impeded.

After 25 hours here, we're about to board a plane for Jinmen. The pace of this trip is pretty crazy, worse than my Lonely Planet trips, or maybe it's because I have less direct control over my time and what I see.

On the bright side (pardon the pun), in Penghu the sun finally came out for us for the first time this trip. It was a scorcher, so I spent a lot of time hiding in the shade. Our guide took us to eat lots of local specialties --- how the locals stay healthy eating such good stuff is a mystery to me. I can still taste the sweet sticky flavour of this morning's 炸棗 (deep-fried sticky dough ball with peanut).



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