Blog migration completed (I think)

The thing about things going slightly pear-shaped when using the Blogger FTP migration tool, is that you can't actually blog about it because your blog is in untouchable stasis once the migration tool has been activated.

Fortunately there's still Twitter, whereat I noted around midnight:
Blog migration interruptus: forgot that I need to get a new CNAME with my domain registrar first. This might take longer than I thought.
And an update from earlier this afternoon:
Struggling with a stubborn local proxy and recalcitrant Blogger FTP migration tool. This is NOT how I'd planned to spend Sunday afternoon.
Right now the CNAME issue has been resolved and http://blog.toomanythoughts.org seems to be working. However, my local proxy still hates me, so I can't view my own blog unless I use a proxy server. And finally, I think the Blogger FTP migration tool failed to update all my old blog pages with redirect code, like it was supposed to, so I might have to go back and patch things up --- someday. If you see me advertising for an assistant to do some murderously repetitive HTML updates in a few weeks, you'll know why.

And now we return your to your regularly scheduled blog programming.

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