Your North Korea dossier for today

North Korea has starving citizens, but it found time and money to make its very first TV advertisement, for Taedonggang beer.

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Crossing Borders founder Mike Kim gets interviewed on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart about his work helping North Korean refugees to escape via China (via ROK Drop).

While researching, I also came across a Singapore travel agency that runs tours to North Korea (via Wikitravel). Surprisingly, a 10-day tour costs only S$1,999 (excluding taxes). I really thought it would run higher than that.



At 7/06/2009 2:15 pm , Blogger jude said...

We just watched this episode of wide angle on PBS last week. And given this blog post, I think you might find it informative - the episode actually followed a group of refugees through the underground railroad to BKK. Check it out here:


At 7/06/2009 9:32 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Thanks! Here are a couple more related links I found today:

North Korean infomercial on Taedonggang beer (in Korean only; via North Korean Economy Watch)

The same Mike Kim speaks at Google about his book and his work (via The Marmot's Hole


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