My fridge smells faintly of durian

Durian delights

I haven't had any durian this season, so I treated myself to the next best thing today: durian puffs from Puteri Mas. The treat was for finishing all my Singapore-based work ahead of time, thereby giving myself one entire week to do last-minute prep and research for my trip. This includes:
  • Finalising my air ticket back to Singapore.
  • Buying a poncho or three.
  • Changing money.
  • Getting my second hepatitis jab.
  • Getting a haircut.
  • Buying Apple Care.
  • Seeing family and friends.
  • Backing up the laptop.
  • Packing and making sure I can heave the backpack around.
  • Avoiding the downtown area where the first! ever! Formula One night race! is majorly fucking up traffic.
I'm sure there's other things I've forgotten.

In other news, my landlord is selling the place where I live, so I have to wait and see if the buyer wants to let me renew the lease. Failing which, it's back to the classifieds after I get back from Vietnam.

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