Gearing up

Get thee hence, paparazzo!

Today was shopping day: sandals, compass, baby Maglite, travel pouch and padlock --- all for the upcoming trip. Wandering around Beach Road Market was never so much fun.

I also have new sunglasses, which may not sound like much of an achievement in itself, but the proportions of my face are just so, that most sunglasses look either ridiculously oversized or incredibly ho-hum on my face. Finding one pair that works is cause for pure jubilation.

The only thing I didn't get were mooncakes. Despite intense champagne truffle mooncake cravings yesterday (which had me messaging any friend whom I thought might be in the vicinity of Raffles Hotel to snag me a box), I didn't make it down there myself today to get any. Maybe that's why tonight doesn't feel very much like the Mid-Autumn Festival, even though I was sitting out under the moon over a late dinner a couple of hours ago.

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At 9/15/2008 7:59 am , Blogger budak said...

never leave home without a towel.


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