Phoning it in

At my age, when the husband of a friend who lives in the US calls me out of the blue, even though I probably haven't spoken to him since I last visited in 2004, it can mean only two things:
  • Something bad (CHOY!).
  • They had/are having a baby.
Happily, it is the latter. To quote the husband: "I couldn't believe she hadn't told any of her friends back home yet, so I decided to just see who was in her phone book and called you."

Even so, she's six months pregnant and we only find out now.


At 8/14/2008 9:02 pm , Blogger naixuhs said...

Emailing it....well, I had a close friend announce the birth of his new baby girl over the email. I didn't even know that they were pregnant and visited them when they were about 18-20 weeks. We live in the same country and oddly enough in the same profession. Sometimes, life passes so quickly, you can forget the details.


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