Out of Focus, Night & Day

No, the post title is not a description of my current state of mind, despite the last-minute proofreading job that's sapping all the creativity from my system. No, it's referring to the Out of Focus exhibition, part of the annual Month of Photography line-up. This year's show is at Night & Day, a bar slash gallery at Selegie Road. I'd been to the bar space before, but this was my first time climbing up to the top floor exhibition space.

Ironically, for this was a photography exhibition, I didn't take any photos while I was there, even though I had my camera with me and there were several people taking pictures throughout the evening. I blame it on being distracted by many conversations with many people whom I haven't seen in a while, not to mention that after being cooped up at home for almost three days with only proofreading and the cats for company, it was nice to be surrounded by the buzz of human conversation again.

Oh, but the photographs. My friend Gozde Zehnder curated a series with words and colour that reminded me of the visual sensibility of the short film she made with her husband, Take Me Home a.k.a I Saw Jesus. Everything else was in black and white: Geoff Pakiam's study of camera surveillance, Ng Sze Kiat's empty spaces and Chen Shi Han's whimsical toy soldiers.

The problem with writing about photographs is that it's really just much better to go and look at them yourself.



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