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Over six months ago, I put in an application to be a writer at a Really Cool Gig. The process involved sending a kick-ass cover email, followed by several rounds of writing samples that needed to be even more impressive. Except for a couple of people whom I asked to read the material I was submitting, I didn't tell many people about my application, mostly because I thought that would jinx it for sure. Even the less-than-ten people who knew about it were under strict instructions not to say anything.

Today, at the end of a long and tiring day, filled with many appointments and much busyness and much traipsing up and down stairs in uncomfortable shoes (my bad, I should've worn something more sneaker-like), I got home to my email, cast my fatigued eyeballs down the unread missives --- and alighted on an email with the simple subject line: "Congratulations!"

(No, it wasn't spam, even though spam is 15 years old now.)


I didn't say "I got the job" because it's not a full-time position, it's freelance. I can't even say "I write for So-and-so now", because I haven't written a word for them yet and I don't get to write a word for them till one of their editors decides to give me a contract. But I'm in the pool, which is a nice place to be, and I got here through sheer dint of hard work and hard writing, which feels great, and hopefully a super contract will follow not too long from now.

Most importantly, this comes after a couple of weeks of wrangling with people who don't appreciate the art of writing --- hell, this comes after numerous encounters over the last few years with people who have shown faint, if any, respect for my writing --- so I am sitting pretty with the sweet taste of vindication in my mouth. Not to say that everyone has to love and applaud my writing, but now that the Really Cool Gig has put their initial stamp of approval on it, and I know that the kind of writing they value is the kind I want to do and think I could be good at --- I'm just pleased as punch all around.

I'm not going to say who the Really Cool Gig is, so don't bother asking. I would feel a little pretentious saying it when I haven't done a jot of paid work for them yet. As a freelance writer, I'm only as good as the last three things I've written --- the next big thing doesn't count till it's not only written, but published.

(So those of you that know, don't spill the beans on this blog, eh?)

But yeah, I'm happy. Over the moon, as I've said to a couple of people today. I wanted this so badly it hurt when I was preparing my submission, and now that I've gotten it, it feels incredible. I can't wait till the work starts.


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At 4/01/2008 12:19 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!!!! Now the more important question is.... can I use your Really Cool Gig to up my cool factor by proxy?

At 4/02/2008 12:02 am , Blogger ichoisarius said...


At 4/02/2008 12:46 am , Blogger Unknown said...

congrats. I have been an avid reader of your blog and really admire your style of writing. At least you got something you wanted! keep it up!

At 4/02/2008 8:19 pm , Blogger Anders Brink said...

Just wondering why Really Gool Gig has to remain a mystery. Congratulations once again.

At 4/03/2008 12:56 am , Blogger limegreenspyda said...

well done! i'm so happy for you!
just went through a situation very similar to yours, that cuminated with an excited whoop! just yesterday.

so now, that makes the both of us!
and also, i'm superstitious like that too. :)

go well for the Really Cool Gig.

At 4/03/2008 12:56 am , Blogger limegreenspyda said...

oops. culminated.

At 4/06/2008 3:49 am , Blogger Tym said...

Thanks for all the good wishes. More details to come when I have them.

Now to get back to the usual work ...


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