Lessons learned from wedding planning

I don't do it often, so I learn something new every time. (Not that I'm planning to make a hobby out of this.)
  • Depending on how the flowers are secured on the bridal car, it's entirely possible that they will render the boot of the bridal car unusable for storing important items like the ang pows (red packets with money) or bridal trousseau.
  • Even pastors can make jokes about cross-dressing, if the groom gives them the opening to do so.
  • Contrary to conventional wisdom about guests for Chinese wedding dinners, sometimes they are early --- 45 minutes early, all togged up in their evening finery and enquiring about their table seating assignments, when the receptionists for the dinner aren't quite settled into their jobs yet.
  • People drink a lot during the first hour of dinner, less so afterwards.
  • Hollywood tape is great for MacGyvering all sorts of things, including broken shoes (not the bride's, fortunately).
After the wedding dinner, I slept for many hours, but not enough. Even though I only had a couple of glasses of wine on Sunday night, I still have a little of that hungover feeling today.


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At 3/18/2008 5:43 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you've recovered from the traumatic weekend! You were a life saver!!! And yes, Hollywood tape holds whatever Murphy's Law decides to snap/droop/drop.

At 3/20/2008 12:29 am , Blogger Ondine said...

Darn! That was what I forgot to tell you. That's why you have a follow up car. I knew after you rang me about the ribbons on the car that I'd forgotten something and the niggling feeling didn't go away even though my porridge brain couldn't place a finger on what it was.

At 3/20/2008 12:30 am , Blogger Ondine said...

Erm, I'm talking about the lack of use of the car boot. See lah.. porridge brain.


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