Packing: Day One

Ink's idea of packing

The mistake I made today was packing the DVDs first (in order to intersperse them with the books), because that meant that when the TV line-up failed me, I had nothing else to play for white noise. For instance, Veronica Mars would've made a nice antidote to STAR World's obsession with Smallville.

It's amazing how many books I have that I didn't know I had. Most of them went into the boxes; a handful didn't make the cut (chief criterion: is this something I want to pay someone to haul up to a walk-up flat?) and will hopefully find new homes.

Now there are 12 filled boxes (though not yet sealed, I keep tossing small items into the corners), and only the bedroom and kitchen are left to pack. Technically, I also packed away about one-tenth of the bedroom's contents today, so I'm a little ahead of the game.

Which makes me feel somewhat less panicked than I did this afternoon, when I was imagining that between work and packing, I would get no sleep till after I moved (on Thursday).


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At 1/26/2008 5:18 pm , Blogger ichoisarius said...

For a very brief moment, I thought you'd packed your cat in the box.

At 1/26/2008 11:56 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Yes, as panaphobic said: "pls make sure he's still around after all the boxes are sealed."

At 1/31/2008 10:51 pm , Blogger Anthony said...

Ooo...I see Robotech and Dragonriders of Pern books in that crate!

At 2/01/2008 1:15 am , Blogger Tym said...

Yes, now you know how truly geeky I am! I have the entire Robotech series and most of Pern. I also used to RP in PernM*s ...


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