Too expensive for my blood

Apropos of selling the flat at a fair price, I thought I should point out that the BBC reports on the Global Property Guide list for 2007, in which Bulgaria tops the list for house price growth at 30.6%.

Except that when you factor in inflation (though not local currency), Singapore moves from #3 to top of the list.

Top of the list, people --- that's how much the housing market has skyrocketed here, relative to the rest of the world for the same period. If things keep up at this rate, I'm not sure that I'll be able to afford to live in this country anymore.


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At 1/08/2008 6:05 am , Blogger limegreenspyda said...

ah. well, at least you managed to get a good price on the flat; as opposed to five years ago, or, say, two years ahead, when there will be an over-supply of properties.

aaaaand, happy shiny new year! you sure managed to read a truckload of books in 07 - much to my envy. :)


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