Late-night non-shopping

Mustafa's own Black Eye Peas

There are many marvellous things at Mustafa. Food, of course, but I still have some ready-to-eat packs on the kitchen shelf from my last trip there, er, several months ago, so I forbore from purchasing more. But they also have electronic accessories from brands I've usually not heard of before, sometimes with instructions in fragmented English that don't quite explain what they're to be used for.

So it's surprising that I could Google the very cool toaster that I almost bought just for the hell of it: the Memphis red 2-slice toaster from Morphy Richards. It makes me think of the aesthetic of KitchenAid mixers, but at a fraction of the cost, of course --- this was Mustafa, after all.

I'm trying not to accumulate stuff before I move, so I applied my usual "rule" to counter impulse buys: if it's there when I go back, I'll get it. The other caveat is that the kitchen in the new place has to have counter space for it, which is not at all a given.


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