Easing back into things

This is my current status on Facebook: [Tym] is mildly jetlagged, swamped with email and missing fresh fromage.

I got back yesterday, spent most of today accepting the fact that I'm jetlagged and reading email in comprehensible dosages, and maybe by tomorrow will be able to kick into gear for some measure of real work. Of course, what I really want to do is sort through the 500-plus images from my camera and cameraphone, so that I can upload them onto Flickr.

I was gone for just over two weeks, but it's funny how much has happened with friends at home during the interim. Everyone is calling or SMSing with, "A lot has happened, we're moving house/switching jobs/exploring a whole new business opportunity/giving you a free trip to Bali." Okay, there's been only one of the latter, but it's a nice way to be welcomed home.

I would like to think that there'll be a travelogue of some kind here soon, but meanwhile there's mountains of work foo standing between me and the weekend.




At 9/20/2007 5:11 pm , Blogger stellou said...

You took more than 500 photos while you were out here??? And I thought you were being so restrained!!

Eh pliss tell more about being offered free trips to Bali. Come!


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