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Midnight snack

So I actually am down to the one week before I leave again (no more miscounting!) and it's become a matter not so much of too many things to do, but too many appointments to keep. I'm scheduled up the wazoo and I have to keep reminding myself to eat more Asian food (also to save money).

Which explains, perhaps, why Saturday night's midnight snack was the extremely surprising combination of muruku and Men's Pocky. I assure you that the latter is a real brand that's been around for several years. I remember when kk and I first stumbled across it in some Singapore grocery store and proceeded to giggle for quite some time at the implications. (It's normal-sized Pocky biscuit sticks covered in dark chocolate.) It has now penetrated (ha ha) even my humble neighbourhood provision shop, so it's hardly an expat item anymore.

The muruku came from equally humble origins: a Mustafa shopping trip with the family last weekend. I've got a second pack that I ought to finish before I leave.


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At 9/02/2007 5:30 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

in addition to the men's pocky (and yes, we giggled quite a bit!), we found a "Nestle Classic for Men" in our recent trip to Moscow...and on the back of the package, there was a picture of a woman with a cross through it. HAHAHA. I still need to read the russian with my dictionary but I am pretty sure it goes on about how women CANNOT eat it. I took a picture so will have to send it to you!

At 9/03/2007 2:03 am , Blogger Tym said...

Excellent! Send me the pic and we can post it for the world to marvel over, alongside the Men's Pocky.


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