Friday night footnotes

Amoy Street hawker centre has the best wanton mee in Singapore, on account of a $3 portion being served with a heap of char siew, a nice portion of stewed mushrooms and green vegetables, and a bowl of six (six!) wantons. Plus the noodles are mildly oily, just enough to keep the dish smooth, without being annoying so.

Stomach sated, I headed over to BooksActually for the Shikisai: A T-shirt Exhibition launch. Once again, I managed to walk out of there without buying any books --- which is good for me, but nosso much for the bookstore. I will atone the next time (third time lucky!).

I'm enforcing a no-laptop weekend on myself, so I'll see ya all on Monday.


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At 9/06/2007 9:16 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I went to Amoy Street Food Centre today but there were (was?) more than one stall serving wanton noodle. Is the stall you referring to on the second storey? I ate at #02-09, gui4 fu2 yun2 tun1. Could you reply here the stall number? Thanks much.

At 9/26/2007 11:15 am , Blogger Tym said...

It was on the ground floor and I don't know the stall number. I don't eat at Amoy that often.


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