So much for the pesto

When my dinner plans for tonight got postponed, I decided I would come home and make some pasta with the pesto sauce I bought last week. I didn't know what I would put in the pesto sauce (bear in mind that cooking doesn't come intuitively to me), but I would figure out something. If nothing else, there was always Google to help me along.

Except that I never got round to Googling a pesto recipe before I got to the grocery store after work. Then I thought I would heed wurh's advice and get some veggies that I could fry up to toss i the pesto.

Except that after I picked up a prepacked salad, my brain leap straight ahead to, "I wonder what meant I should buy?" and my feet obligingly whizzed me over to the meat fridge as if the rest of the vegetable section didn't exist. There, I got sidetracked into choosing between chicken (which is all I cooked the last few times) and minced beef (which therefore won the coin toss), and never looked back.

It was not till I'd paid for my groceries and was walking out the store that I remembered that the original plan was pesto. Pesto.

Don't worry, I didn't try to "experiment" with minced beef and pesto. The minced beef went safely into a tomato sauce (satisfying enough, though I added too much rosemary) and the pesto remains untouched. Maybe next week.

Meanwhile, in a stirring re-enactment of one of the grocery-shopping gaffes Terz and I once made, I picked up a packet of Gruyere cheese that I thought was $5-something but turned out to be $9. It wasn't the store's fault; I hadn't looked closely enough at the label on the cheese. Now I'm going to eat every last bite of it, dammit.


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At 7/16/2007 5:25 pm , Blogger  said...

pasta and pesto - heat some olive oil in a pot, mix the pasta in with the pesto and voila! add lots of cheese as well for super yummy tasty fast food!

alternatively, use kana chai. =)

At 7/16/2007 8:56 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pesto and chicken ain't too bad either. In any case, you could always put gruyere on pasta, or veggies to make a gratin. Why don't you ask for advice from your cooking wizard cousin when we're chatting!?! Silly girl.

At 7/19/2007 9:10 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

add in some pine nuts! when i cooked back in melbourne, i liked to accompany my pesto pasta with grilled fish (preferably white) and roasted capsicums.


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