It's a good idea to stock up on new toothbrushes

So that when I accidentally locked the cat in the bathroom at 3.30 pm before going out, and the flatmate only realised he was stuck in there and let him out at 8.30 pm when she got home, I still have a clean toothbrush to use for the night. Because among the destruction he wreaked:
  • My old toothbrush was on the floor and had been subjected to who knows what kind of feline imprecations.
  • One contact lens case was missing and may in fact have gone down the drain ...
  • Since he managed to get the drain cover off as usual, but mercifully did not this time toss the cover down the drain as well.
  • My perfume bottle had been knocked onto the floor but, miraculously, did not break.
  • Ditto my glasses.
  • A good half a toilet roll lay in an artistically messy heap on the floor.
  • My towel and some odd bits of clothing had been pulled off the towel rack onto the floor. (Good thing I washed my alternate towel yesterday.)
Another small mercy: the only item to land in the toilet bowl was something completely unimportant and dispensable.

Note to self: always check on the cat's whereabouts in the apartment before going out.


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