Wordiness: boma

In the course of writing about this beautiful South African getaway (the first time I've actually wanted to whip out up and go visit one of the places I'm paid to write about), I came across "boma". Wikipedia would have me believe a boma is a livestock enclosure of some kind, or a term used in eastern and southern Africa to also metaphorically refer to a government office. But seeing as the press material I was working with described the pleasurable experience of dining in an "open boma", I can only deduce that it's also a term for some kind of casual restaurant or cafe space. A quick Google search for "boma" in conjuunction with "South Africa" throws up any number of restraurant names, after all.

It does have a certain colonial ring to it: "We'll take our aperitifs in the boma, and then adjourn inside for dinner. Coming, Nigel?"


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At 7/03/2007 5:06 am , Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

You're right, Nigel is such an African name.


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