Matcha madness

Shoot first, eat later

The thing about ordering pretty Japanese desserts with a group of friends who happen to blog (save one), is that when the pretty Japanese desserts arrive, everyone whips out their digital cameras to take pretty portraits while the precious ice cream is melting all over the dessert.

Meanwhile, the one who doesn't blog also takes out his digital camera (incidentally, the largest and most sophisticated one at the table) and starts taking pictures of us taking pictures of our desserts.

Well, now.

Eventually, we did eat the desserts and they were about as tasty as they had looked --- which is to say, very artfully put together, occasionally with mysterious ingredients (the dango tasted damn good but what the hell went into it, besides flour?), and satisfyingly sweet but not overly so, taking the cue from American-style sundaes without merely replicating them entirely.

Dessert, Japanese style

Now if we'd added the "raw honey" provided in the little juglet, that would've been overkill.


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At 2/25/2007 2:42 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

uh...i believe it is just flour...although, if that was the case, they wouldn't sell the dango flour...hmmm. maybe i should buy one here and see what the ingredients say. i know it's really easy to make, however, once you have the flour!


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