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And then, some days, the dilemma is: what do I wear that's apropos for meeting a potential new client this afternoon and going to the open-air Muse concert at Fort Canning tonight?


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At 1/16/2007 4:09 am , Blogger  said...

What? Muse is playing in Singapore? Bloody hell!

At 1/16/2007 4:51 am , Blogger cour marly said...

So...... whadja wear??

At 1/16/2007 7:17 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

bored indeed! ;)

At 1/17/2007 3:48 pm , Blogger tscd said...

My outfit dilemma is hardly so exciting. I'm always trying to find something nice enough to wear that looks professional, but not so nice that I don't feel depressed when I get puked on. OR sometimes I try to wear something that doesn't look too bad even with puke on it.

At 1/18/2007 12:24 am , Blogger Tym said...

cour marly > I went with not-too-shabby jeans and a not-too-T-shirt-like top, and old but decent shoes (although I would have rather worn sneakers to Fort Canning for the concert). Unfortunately, my top wasn't black, which was apparently de rigueur for the evening.

tscd > Aw :( that does narrow one's wardrobe options. I would just resort to a lot of dark colours (slimming! slimming!) if I were you.


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