Year in review: 2006

Reading Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty reminded me that I did this last year.

Write down the first sentence of the first entry in the past twelve months:
The thing about spending New Year's Eve at the same place we were last New Year's Eve --- not to mention it being the same place we spent the most recent Xmas Eve --- is that one can't help getting a little introspective about where the year's taken us and what's changed (or not) since last year's party. I know it's not Monday anymore, but those of us who got to enjoy the long Chinese New Year weekend just started our work week today, so it's apropos that we take a moment to take Monday's Test (link via By The Way). I have a desk. Ink has been with us for three weeks, and every week we've had to pop into a pet store to pick up supplies. And so it was, that at the ripe old age of 32, despite not having the opportunity to vote in this general election, I attended my first political rally tonight. Because then when my iPod decides to crash, I won't panic about the recorded interviews that I should have transferred to my hard disk last week, instead of waiting till --- well, till the iPod crashed. Some nights are all about chilling out, particular when the preceding evenings have been spent hammering on the keyboard till midnight or thereabouts. The funny thing about being a freelance writer is that I work industriously through several consecutive weeks and weekends, then in the middle of the afternoon today, I look down at my to-do list and suddenly I've got nothing to do. So I finally sat down and watched Revenge of the Sith in its entirety tonight. But when we got there, the host announced that it was a wine and cheese party instead. Busy week, hence the "dearth of blog posts", as Little Miss Drinkalot pointed out last night. Alas, poor Terz.
Whew! At 309 words, that's a damn sight longer than last year's 212-word aggregate.


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