Babies galore

This weekend, I had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of two delightful babies, both of whom have been out of the womb for less than a month. It's quite charming to see how small they are --- and then to witness what fierce lungs they have.

Since my best friend had her baby last year, it seems like 2006 has passed in a flurry of new baby arrivals and accompanying anecdotes about how much (and how) they poop, eat and learn to do fun stuff like grin, sing and wriggle. In sum, the following people I know have had kids this year (in chronological order):
  • Cousin DavidTheTan and his wife (he practically ceased to blog thereafter)
  • The "boss" and his wife
  • Ondine's best friend
  • Ondine's sister-in-law, whom I occasionally do work for
  • The ex-boss from earlier this year, whom I also occasionally do work for
  • G-man and wife, whose Alexandra I met yesterday
  • Maye-E and her husband, whose Nate I met this evening
I suppose this means that in a few years' time, there'll be all the obligatory friends' kids' birthday parties to attend and birthday gifts to buy to corrupt them more than their parents would like.

Alternatively, I could just become the "boring" auntie who always gives them books because books are actually good for them...


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At 12/18/2006 10:26 am , Blogger ampulets said...

heh. J & I are the boring uncle & auntie this year - we bought all our presents at kino. yeah, reading is fun...


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