An unlikely nightmare

Last night I dreamed that I was leaving on a vacation with Terz and some friends, but even though I had three huge bags with me as I met them after work, I hadn't actually had the time to pack properly (who knows what was in those bags) and hadn't packed any toiletries.

So then there was the dashing off to some kind of convenience store/pharmacy to pick up random toiletry items, but when I got back to my bags and my friends, it was time to go and I didn't have a toiletry pouch to put the items in. Why this should seem like a gargantuan crisis, I have no idea, but I was panicked enough in the dream that I woke up in real life --- and then wondered why the hell I would be panicking over not having toiletries when, hello, vacation? Even an imaginary one.

Potential vacation spots for January have been narrowed down to Myanmar and Laos (Adri's current adventures there helped to swing my vote that way). But I haven't sealed the deal by booking air tickets or accommodation yet...


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At 12/24/2006 4:15 am , Blogger sarah said...

very odd - i had a similar dream last night! i hadn't packed a single useful thing and was back in england stranded without proper clothes and my computer charger.

i've found vacation dreams are good omens though. a few months ago i had a dream about being in mongolia for a month (again in the dream i'd done an absolute shit job of packing) and then the siberia expedition happened, so you really never know. your holiday may be right round the corner!


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