About last night

There was the drive:
Cowboy Caleb (from the back seat): Are we there yet?
There was dinner:
Cowboy Caleb (at the start of dinner): I'm so hungry, man. Can we order a pizza to share? A risotto?
Cowboy Caleb (upon the arrival of his Fiorentine bisteccona): This is the sort of meal that makes you feel like a man.
Cowboy Caleb (halfway through the Fiorentine bisteccona): I'm so full. I can't finish this, man.
There was dessert:
Cowboy Caleb: (silence)
All happening at Ristorante da Valentino.

Taken by Cowboy Caleb


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At 10/23/2006 4:33 pm , Blogger Unknown said...

whahaha. he is gay.


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