Not coughing yet, but ---

If you hadn't heard already, the air quality is shit in Singapore this weekend. Looking out from Muddy Murphy's last night, my eyes thought it must be raining because of the way the street light was dispersed, but my nose knew better, what with the distinct smell reminiscent of burned grass.

So my new hobby is checking the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading, which seems to have peaked at 150 at 9 pm tonight and was 136 at the last reading of the day at midnight. (The government doesn't provide hourly PSI updates between 12 am and 7 am because we're all supposed to be asleep like good citizens and no one might be choking, coughing or sneezing half the night away and want to check on the PSI reading.)

Haze 2A
Taken by Terz

Usually, we can see Marine Parade, a vague hint of the sea and sometimes even the shadowy outline of Sumatra in the distance. Today, there was just the awful, smelly miasma.


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