Me and my MOO cards

Last month, MOO gave away free Flickr MiniCards to Flickr Pro users. Since this included free shipping worldwide (I can't remember the last time any web-based promotion did that), I immediately grabbed a lot of them and alerted other Flickr Pro users I knew in Singapore.

Silly me --- I thought I was getting 10 x 10 cards, but the deal was for just 10 after all.

My MOO cards

As Darren Barefoot's already observed, the colours turned out darker than I expected. I would've picked more daytime or brighter pictures if I'd known.

Also, the cards are tiny --- it doesn't sound that small when the website tells you "roughly half the size of a standard business card", but it feels a lot smaller in your hand.

Still, they were free so I'm not complainin'. And I have a pretty good idea of what I'd be paying for if I ever decide to order up a full batch.

Now to see who I'll be handing them out to ...

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