Sugar-overdose Sunday

While I was getting ready to head out today, I realised that I have way too much pink stuff.

What's in my bag, redux

Plus today I was wearing a pink dress.

Anyway, me and my pink stuff started the day at the railway station, then we were off to celebrate beeker's 30th birthday in style: at McDonald's, of course. There were hats and crayons and children's activity books. There were mountains of McNuggets and french fries, and because we are not young'uns anymore, we dranks mostly Coke Light, Evian and iced lemon tea. There were children's songs playing on the CD player, which was well and good until we noticed that certain Sunday School ditties like "The wise man built his house upon the rock" and "Jesus loves me, this I know" were oddly interspersed between other secular favourites like "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands".

But most importantly, there was a fabulous cake that would have made our birthday boy the envy of every other boy in the restaurant, if they had all seen it.

The bestest birthday cake ever

Motorcycles and Maltesers --- clearly, a winning combination.


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