The sporadic Ink report

This blog has been accused of not having enough pictures lately. That means it's time for a little gratuitous cat cuteness.

Studying is HARD

Ink says: "Studying is HARD!!"

Actually, more like Ink was nuzzling the edge of the books and papers because he likes the feel of it against his cheeks, I think, then he decided to flop over and pose when I pulled out the camera. I have a camwhore cat. Heaven help us all.

Recent Ink shenanigans:
  • Scavenging inside the wastepaper basket in the living room, because he thinks used tissues (snot and all) are fun to chase around the room.
  • Stalking cockroaches (or at least, defending the kitchen against them) at the drainage trap.
  • Chewing on the end of the cable for the cell phone charger.
  • Kidnapping his favourite black ballpoint pen and batting it around under our bed (maybe he likes alliteration too).
  • Absconding with my keys.

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