All growed up

You know you're really an adult when you go out with your father and:
  • You remind him to "watch out" just before you cross the road together.
  • You take care of his parking fines because you feel like you're old enough that you ought to, even though the parking tickets weren't really your fault in the first place.
  • You get to put lunch with him on the company expense account.
In other news, the encounter with "uncle" went well. I avoided the entire "uncle" conundrum by simply breezing past it with a cheery, "Hi, thank you for meeting us!" Then we had a good interview and sat there chatting for much longer than I expected.

Then, we got to the part of the conversation where it's a bit of personal chitchat and he asks how I'm doing. And because he's the kind of guy he is, he asks why I don't have kids. Then he tells me that if I'm not going to have kids, I shouldn't have gotten married seven years ago. "If you're not going to have kids, no need to get married lah! Stay single! Enjoy your independence!" Then he tells me why I should have kids before I get much older.

I bit my tongue.

Apparently, he doesn't say such things to his son, Corporate Overlord. Perhaps because Corporate Overlord isn't married and is, after all, a son and not a daughter.

Anyway, the boss mocked me for being so deferential about it. I said, hey, I know when to pick my battles.

In yet other news, my father today began a sentence with, "So are you and Terz planning to ... " and I swear to God I thought he was going to finish it with, "have children" --- but he was just asking if we had started applying to emigrate to Canada yet.



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At 8/27/2006 1:15 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't think I was 'mocking' you, just sypathizing with you for having to grin and bear it... It must have come out wrong.

Anyway, to all the people in 'blogland', TYM does not have a 'boss', only colleagues. She works in an organic/creative collective with no fixed hierarchy where nobody defers to anyone. It's absolute chaos!


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